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Kelly Haddrell - Nail Technician at Nails at the Outhouse

Location: Bristol Website: Instagram: nails_at_the_outhouse / A bit about me...

I started my nail journey and qualified to become a nail tech with the amazing Bristol nail and beauty school and since qualifying in 2020 I have set up my own business at home I work from an Outhouse in my garden and I love it! I am now 34 and have two beautiful boys 7 and 4 so working from home works well for family life. I continue to learn new skills everyday to improve my business. My year has been an emotional rollacoaster of highs and lows to get where I am but I never give up even on those day I feel like I’m not good enough and the pressure is to much! I had an amazing start by training with Bristol nails and beauty they gave me the confidence and skills to set me up for what I have achieved today! I have always had a passion for nails and beauty but have never been in the right place in my life to follow that dream until now. I got made redundant from my job after covid hit and I decided to just go for it and start my career as a nail tech and I have never looked back. My advise to anyone starting out in the nail or beauty industry is to never give up believing in yourself and don’t let fear stop you from achieving your full potential! In fact let fear help you to learn and improve your skills and knowledge daily! I don’t think anyone gets to where they want to be without the element of fear and feeling like they can’t do it no matter what level you are at! But if you have the passion for what you do you can achieve anything. The most important thing is getting that support network around you, I have found the nail industry incredible and with the help of nail community’s on social media and in my local area I have made some incredible connections to give me advice and carry on learning, along with the many course options I want to do at Bristol nails and beauty school. I continue trying to improve and grow my little business and I’m excited to see what I can achieve in the future.

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