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Jordanna Kissoon-Carr - Nail Technician at Pooch1Nails

I’m Jord, I’m 26 and Im a qualified nail technician. I trained in acrylic and gel extensions and absolutely loved the course and just felt so comfortable the entire time! I have always had a passion for nails and have built such a lovely clientele since qualifying in August 2020.

Since starting nails I have found my love for many brands and have also been a brand ambassador for MyleeBeauty gained the most experience doing it, it completely pushed me out of my comfort zone and was so much fun! I love learning and can’t wait to take more courses!


Definitely practice and watch tutorials on treatments you’d like to qualify in. This will give you a head start and prepare you in all areas, such as treatment lingo, different ways of applying products and will give you confidence.

TAKE THE FULL NAIL TECH COURSE!!! You will fall in and out of treatments and learn that you love some more than others so I’d definitely recommend completing the full course.

Tag those brands!! It may feel like they aren’t sharing or liking any of your posts but they are definitely watching you so keep on going and don’t stress because the best opportunities come unexpected.

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